Internacional Congress

​Despite efforts over the last decades in addictions prevention, the reports of several institutions responsible for this subject, either national or international, attest the change in drug use patterns. Not only the experiences tend to be earlier but also new substances or combinations of several substances multiply. This facts remembers, all the time, the need to increase knowledge and share successful practices in the treatment and prevention.

It is in this context that arises the international congress, organized by Centro de Solidariedade de Braga/Projecto Homem in collaboration with Universidade Católica de Braga. We intend to discuss “Addictions and Risks in Childhood and Adolescence: From Prevention to Treatment”. Crossing knowledges from medicine to anthropology, from universities to therapeutic communities, it is intended, in this multidisciplinary event, promote reflection and discussion about trends of use, from experimentation to abuse, to achieve an effective intervention. Aware that only through early interventions is possible to respond the needs of populations and improve efficiency in the use of resources. It is important to discuss strategies and optimize the means to fight this problem.

So academics, researchers, institutions, communities and all interested in this subject are invited to contribute to this ongoing debate. We meet on 25-26 June, in the Aula Magna of Faculdade de Filosofia de Braga.

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