Proposal submission

Three types of proposals could be submitted for peer review process: Symposiums, Communications and Posters

Address the dissemination and discussion of empirical research, innovative practices and theoretical advances in a specific theme. Should include 4-5 papers on the same theme or different facets of a project. The symposium will have at the maximum 90 minutes considering 15 minutes for discussion.
The coordinator of each symposium should submit a summary of the proposal as well as abstracts of the communications that integrate it. Each symposium will have a moderator (the organizer of the symposium or other relevant person).

They aim to share empirical research or practical projects in the thematic areas of the conference. The communications will be grouped by the Organizing Committee in thematic sessions of 90 minutes guided by an invited moderator. Each paper will last 15 minutes, with 10 minutes for the respective discussion.

Aims to present preliminary empirical investigations or projects still in progress, and provide a good opportunity for a personalized discussion.
The posters should be visible 1,5 m with the following dimensions: 120cm tall, 90 cm wide
Will be grouped by the Organizing Committee in thematic sessions to stimulate discussion and sharing experiences.

Abstracts should be sent until April 27th 2015, to the following email address:

After the abstract submission participants should receive information about its reception.

The subject of the email should have the word “Abstract” and the body of the email should contain the following information:
1. Name (s) of author (s) (s)
2. Affiliation
3. Paper title 4. Postal Address
5. Email address
6. Phone number and / or fax
7. Format of work you want to present.

Guidelines for abstracts format and content:
  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words (including title / excluding references).
  • Abstracts should follow the APA style and be written in Times 11 and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Abstracts should be submitted in Word or RTF format.
  • Abstracts should clearly state the objectives and questions, theoretical framework and empirical work pre

For example:
- an empirical study or practical work should have the following elements: Objectives, Conceptual framework, Methodology, Results, and Discussion.
- a theoretical study should contain the following elements: State of the art; New perspectives / ideas, Theoretical and Practical implications.

All abstracts will be subject to a peer review process by the Scientific Committee. The criteria for this review are: theoretical or practical impact, theoretical and empirical clarity and structure of the text.

NOTE: The Scientific Committee reserves the right to request additional information when necessary or to suggest that the submission change to a different format form than proposed by the authors.


The chapters for publication will be submitted to a peer review process.
The proposals, to be submitted until October 30th, 2015 , must provide present between 12 and 15 pages in word document, Times New Roman 11, 1.5 line spacing, and formatting according to the APA style manual.

NOTE: At least one of the authors of each papers selected whatever its modalities (Communications and Posters) must be registered formally in Congress so that their work can be presented, discussed and published.

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